Check MOT Dates & Book Your MOT Early

Check MOT dates and book earlyIt’s very important to know when your MOT is due and to make sure you get the test done in plenty of time. If you are not sure when a test is needed for your vehicle, you can check MOT dates on GOV.UK, just follow our link.

When Do I Need An MOT?

For most vehicles the first MOT test is required on the third anniversary of it’s first registration, although some vehicles need a test after just one year. Tests must then be done each year after that. To see full details, have a look at “Getting an MOT” on GOV.UK.

Book Early to Avoid Problems

You can book your test a month before the expiry of your old test and you loose nothing, the new MOT test certificate will run from the date of the test until 12 months after the expiry of the old certificate. In some cases this could be up to 13 months from the test date, so there is no financial reason for leaving it to the last minute.

What If My Car Fails The MOT?

The main reason to book early is to avoid problems when minor unforeseen issues cause a test failure. If the old certificate is still in force you are legally able to drive the car away from the test centre. You then have 10 days in which to get your vehicle retested and obtain your new MOT test certificate.

If the vehicle has major safety issues you should not drive it whether it has a certificate or not and may be subject to prosecution and a fine of up to £2500 if you do.

Terry Dye says

You should check MOT dates and make sure you book an MOT test in plenty of time to avoid problems. We’re here to help!